Ostara van de Hoevemeester

Here is Tara, or Taartje to her friends, our youngest Hovawart. Her mother is Pusztai-Pandur Dorka and her father is Bel.Ch. Kathorgal van ’t Beversnest. Thor is the son of  Gaia van de Hoevemeester. which makes Tara the fifth generation of our own bloodline.  She was born on 17-1-2015, a puppy from our O litter.

Tara has a DNA Profile. HD B (Belgian score). Eye test: Clear. Thyroid function test: Normal. DM: SOD1, Clear by Parentage. Colour: D-Locus D/D. E-Locus E/E.

Tara has not been to many shows. Her Gradings and placings up to now, under breed specialists: 2015 Baby class, Very Promising. 2016 Junior class, 1 Excellent. 2016 Junior class, 1 Excellent. 2017 Open class, Excellent.

Taartje had puppies in March. See the Hovawart puppies page. The stud dog Happy brings fresh blood to our line, the first ancestor they have in common can be found in the 6th generation of the combination.

Ostara is the German Goddess of Spring and of the Spring Equinox. Spring is about birth and rebirth, hope and renewal. In Anglo-Saxon her name is Eostre.

Tara with grandmother, father and aunty.

Tara's pedigree on Working Dog EU.

Tara's parents Dorka & Thor.