Kennel data

Pedigrees and litters:

17-01-2015 O-litter born Koersel Belgium.

O-Litter Ch.Kathorgal van`t Beversnest x Pusztai-Pandur Dorka
The litter consisted of 8 pups,(black 1-5), (black & gold 1-1). Blond was also possible, but not on this occasion.

14-03-2013 M-litter born Koersel Belgium.

M-Litter Ch.Cordes vom Fleischereck x Pusztai-Pandur Dorka
The litter consisted of 9 pups, 5 males and 4 females. They were all black or blond; black & gold was also possible but not on this occasion.

27-11-2011 K-litter born Koersel Belgium.

K-Litter Luka de la Combe aux Noyers x Pusztai-PandurDorka
We imported our stunning black bitch from Hungary. Tested for - eyes clear: HD A: Thyroid clear: DM SOD1 clear: & DNA profiled. The litter consisted of 3 males and 4 females. (black & gold 2-2), (black 1-1), (blond 0-1).

06-10-2007 G litter born Koersel Belgium

G-Litter Artos vom Blockhaus x Hofmeester Chananigans
The litter consisted of 4 black and gold females.

21-05-2006 F litter born Koersel Belgium.

F-Litter Arno von Gaudihof x Hofmeester Chananigans
From Scandinavian and German bloodlines Sanne is the puppy we kept from our C litter. Arno the stud dog is an approved BHC Stud dog with ZTP and HDA. The litter consisted of 1 blond male and 4 black & gold females.

16-03-2001 C litter born Norfolk England. GB.

C-Litter Acor vom Bohrertal x Trustenberg Ube de Hofmeester
In our search for a suitable mate for Ube's second litter we travelled to Germany to find Acor, a qualified search and rescue dog, just one of the abilities the versatile Hovawart possesses. The litter consisted of 8 pups, 2 males and 6 females. The colours were blonde and Black & Gold.

24-01-1998 BB litter born Norfolk England. GB.

B-Litter Ulaf Freya's Wallhall x Trustenberg Ube de Hofmeester
Trustenberg Ube de Hofmeester HD Free, ZTP, KC Good Citizen Test, is a puppy we kept from our Trustenberg/Hofmeester U-Litter and our import male Ulaf Freya's Walhall HD A. ZTP. 70cm. 45kg. (Caius, born Rixensart Belgium.) The litter consisted of 8 pups, 1 male and 7 females. Colours were blond and Black & Gold.

02-12-1994 U litter born Norfolk England. GB.

U-Litter Zeb av Trustenberg x Scanderna's Svarta-Butzi
A joint venture with the Trustenberg kennel in Norway. Bringing valuable new blood to the UK, it remains one of the most successful import litters in GB.) The litter consisted of all three colour variants and 5 of the 11 puppies went on to produce a further 7 litters.
Offspring gone on to produce further litters:

    Ube. Kennel van de Hoevemeester
    Uschi. Kennel: Flambards
    Uriel. Kennel: Tydbreye
    Unova. Kennel: Schwarzwald
    Ulrikke. Kennel Pays-Bas
    Butzi-Barnebarn. Kennel: Tydbreye
    Chananigans. Kennel: van de Hoevemeester
    Gaia. Kennel van 't Beversnest
    Gaillarde.  (de Ratzitsky)
    Kayetan. Kennel van Mies & Co
    Mowin.  Kennel du Ry du Tronquoy
    Malika.  (de Deyn)

    Ostara. Kennel Hoevemeester