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Hovawart Facts

Character sketch
two hovawart dogs playing with a toy chicken
The German Hovawart is a versatile, active robust dog who enjoys home comforts. Being a loyal companion and combining beauty with stamina, he is not a dog for the lazy owner.
Good family dog ? Yes.
Original function Guardian of the property, watchdog and companion
Are they a natural guard dog ? YES
Attitude to strangers Good, but can be reserved towards strangers. They love people but they have a keen sense of discrimination and will warn off people if necessary.
Good with other dogs ? Generally good but might need control. Can be dominant.
Good with cats ? Good with own. Take care with others.
Town or Country ? They require space.
Live in a kennel ? They are not suited to kennel life.
Adapt to flat ? Not recommended.
Ease of training Learn quickly. Can get bored with training, so it must always be fun.
Special considerations They require on-going training in order to keep mentally healthy. Loves to do things for and with you.
Average life span 12 -14 years
Age at maturity About 4 years for females, older for males.
Colours Black; Blonde; Black & Gold.
Coat type Moderately long. Soft, shining, with some undercoat.
Is professional grooming needed ? No. Learn how to Groom Hovawarts
Coat maintenance, matting and tangling Moderate. A quick brush daily keeps coat tangle free. Dead undercoat needs plucking or combing out at times of moulting.
Special trimm for showing ? No, but some people trim excess hair on feet and ears.
Does the breed suffer in cold, heat or wet? Do not like the heat. Loves the cold and wet.
Daily Exercise A good couple of hours or more. Free running, play and training essential.
Height Dogs 63 - 70 cm. Bitches 58 - 65 cm.
Weight Should be proportionate to size of dog. Bitches can be as much as 35kg, males 40kg plus.
Adult Quantities of dry food Between 350grm. and 500grm. of good all in one dry food daily, according to size of dog and exercise/work given.
Availability Rare, becoming more popular. There are often waiting lists which vary in length throughout the year.
Place of origin Germany
Group FCI Group 2 Working

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When visiting a person breeding Hovawarts make sure that :-

  • the sire and dam of the litter are at least two years old, are healthy and have passed all the Hovawart breed related tests.
  • the breeder volunteers proof and explains about the health and breed related testing of most immediate relatives.
  • and expect to see the dam in a homely environment, not kept isolated or in a kennel.
  • expect a UK Kennel Club Pedigree; in case of a foreign bred puppy a FCI Pedigree.
blond hovawart curled up on settee at home
It's a fact - Hovawarts love their home comforts!
7 week old black hovawart puppy face
Only proceed with buying a hovawart puppy if you are satisfied with the integrity, honesty and reliability, expressed or implied, of the breeder.