About us

We have been journeying through life accompanied by Hovawarts since April 1984 and hope to continue that journey, in Scotland on the  Kintyre Peninsular  with our Hovawarts for many more years to come.

The Hovawart is a unique working breed and a loyal family companion. They have a very strong personality, are intelligent with a unbelievably healthy portion of genuine canine instinct, not always fully appreciated by modern society anymore.

Our first litters, under the affix Hofmeester were born in Norfolk, UK.  Van de Hoevemeester pups were born in Belgium where we lived for 13 years. We have been life members of HCGB and Hester is a working committee member (breeding commission) of the Belgian Hovawart Club.

Whilst in Belgium we bred conforming to the Belgian Hovawart Club rules and the International Hovawart Federation (IHF) ; meaning that apart from the HD and Eye tests, the parents also have ZTP (Breeding suitability, character and exterior test) and show gradings. Having always Thyroid tested dogs in the UK, we continued this voluntarily in Belgium and then later the DM SOD1 DNA test, which we started testing in 2013.

We strive to breed healthy ‘all round Hovawarts’ who are capable of participating in various activities; Search & Rescue, Water Rescue, Obedience, Tacking, BH, and Dogs as Therapy in various forms, are just some of the activities enjoyed by our pups. Showing is just another dog sport, and although we do not specifically aim to breed for show, we have bred and own Champions and Multi Champions.

Our dogs and pups are first and foremost family pets. As breeders we all have a huge responsibility to find suitable homes for our puppies in contemporary  society.  Not all people today have the time and patience to raise a young active dog into a sound stable adult. Hovawart pups are full of energy and demand time, effort, a combination of care, love and guidance. All our puppy buyers have to be able to give their dogs an active life! Dog training is an absolute must and has to be a continual, natural and regular part of the dog's whole life.
We do not breed many litters of hovawart puppies but when we do, we give it our all; the breeding combination is considered, planned for and matched carefully.

All our pups are born and reared in our home, socialised and accustomed to the hustle and bustle of life in a normal home environment.

Have a look at our 'Further Reading' page where you will find links on rearing, vaccinations and training programmes. Issues which are all relevant to modern day dog ownership.

Contact us by e-mail if you have any questions or if you are interested in a Hovawart puppy from us in the future.

Best Wishes Murray & Hester.

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