Pups second half of 2020

Our carefully chosen stud dog for Tara’s next litter is Ch. Akenu Muurmer Hovawarte. He is another wonderful all-round Hovawart who is first and foremost a very much loved family pet. He likes taking part in exciting working activities such as Mantrailing and does a little bit of showing, where he has proven to be quite successful. He is a perfectly sized, very harmoniously proportioned male of the desired type with a masculine appearance. He has a typical male head with excellent pigmentation, a very firm, straight back and strikingly straight placed legs with correct angulation. The movement is far reaching with good drive and his medium blond coat is of the desired length and structure with good shading. Ears and tail are correct. In addition to his correct exterior he has an especially open and friendly character.
                     All test reports / results available.

HD A/A. DM N/N. ECVO Eye test free from defects.
                    ZTP- Character and Exterior test passed for breeding.
68 cm at withers. Young proven stud dog and father of 2 litters. 
We expect black and black & gold coloured pups from this combination with Tara. Pups will carry the blond gene valuable for future breeding.