Hooray, Taartje has given birth to 4 puppies yesterday morning, Saturday the 10th of March. She has 4 cracking little cupcakes of her own now and we are pleased to say, she and the pups are doing really well. There is 1 jet-black Black bitch and 3 Black & Gold bitches all looking very nice at this stage. Not a blond, male or white hair to be seen in the, now big, whelping box. Breeding is always full of surprises.

We were surprised that it was such a small family as her weight and size indicated more pups but we are very happy and grateful. These puppy girls are all quite large and Tara took a little bit of time giving birth the the first one at one and a half pounds, 690grm. We are very proud of her, she did very well all by herself and us for support, what a star 💖

We have now notified people on the puppy waiting list and personally spoken to some to inform them about the litter.

Looking forward to updating you on the progress of the new S-litter 😀