2 weeks old

At 2 weeks old the puppies have changed into little interacting individuals who see and hear the world around them. Tara feeds and cares for them very well. She does also spend time outside the box and has a daily walk or goes out with one of us for a while. It's healthy for her to get out. She is happy to go but also happy to get back to her babies and seems to be very content all round. 🐾🐾

The pups weight, at 15 days, is between 2010gm and 2058gm.  They are weighed daily and if the good gain continues we will not start weaning them too early but let nature do it's work for a few weeks longer, touch wood.

It's lovely watching them starting to play with each other, still wobbly. Every day they walk better. Today almost frantically running, trying to get to the milk bar for a drink. They have 2 teats each and getting more greedy as they grow and start moving around more.

It's a family affair 🐾😀