4 generations

5 Hovawarts of 4 generations:
On bench, great-grandma Gaia van de Hoevemeester in-between daughter Tiva and son Thor. His daughter Ostara van de Hoevemeester with her daughter Sterre van de Hoevemeester.

Puppy Culture

I got into to Puppy Culture via my friend Conny in the Netherlands, who purchased the Puppy Culture program a few years ago in anticipation of the birth and rearing of her puppies. Conny is one of those rare people who is prepared to go to the end of the earth to make sure everything regarding planning and rearing a litter is done as well as possible! Sadly her puppies never happened and Conny passed the PC training program on to me. I was blown away by the program and have been rearing my litter, now 5 weeks, with the help of PC, loving every minute of it. 

Puppy Culture is a wonderful resource for understanding puppy behavior and the importance of the birth - 12 weeks phase of life. The material is clearly presented and makes total sense. The good news is all of the streaming format films now have captioning in German. PC is rolling out German first - Dutch and French to follow soon.

  • Preparation and Prenatal Care
  • Early Neurological Stimulation  (ENS)
  • Weaning Setup and Suggestions 
  • Developmental Periods
    • Understanding Behavioral Markers
    • Age Appropriate Games and Exercises
    • Handling Fear Periods
  • Enrichment Effect
    • Creating an Enriching Environment 
    • Puzzles and Problem Solving
    • Active vs Passive Challenges
  • Early Socialization
    • Safety Measures
    • How to Hold a Puppy Party (structured)
    • Vaccination vs Socialization 
  • Communication Trinity
    • Training Marker
    • Offering Good Behaviors
    • Manding
  • Problem Prevention
    • Emotional Resiliency Exercises
    • Anti-Aggression Protocols 
    • Sound-Proofing Puppies
  • Preparing Your Puppy Buyers
All Backed Up With Science!
We’ve brought together a team of leading breeders, veterinarians, and behaviorists to explain the science behind WHY Puppy Culture works so well.

Recommended extra films, I really like: PUPPY SCENT GAMES  and ATTENTION IS THE MOTHER OF ALL BEHAVIORS.


5 weeks

Cannot believe the puppies are 5 weeks old today. The time is definitely going too fast. So much to do with them and so little time!





4 weeks

Pups are well into their 4 weeks. This week we started weaning but they still get an awful lot of milk from Tara. It's wonderful they had the chance to go outside for the first time, which they really enjoyed. 4 weeks is a busy week with lots of new experiences. They learn very fast.

Worthwhile reading

We have created a new page called "Further Reading", where links are placed to articles we find interesting and are appropriate to dog ownership Anno 2018. The first one we want to share is by Susanne Shelton entitled "Finding a Breeder".

2 weeks old

At 2 weeks old the puppies have changed into little interacting individuals who see and hear the world around them. Tara feeds and cares for them very well. She does also spend time outside the box and has a daily walk or goes out with one of us for a while. It's healthy for her to get out. She is happy to go but also happy to get back to her babies and seems to be very content all round. ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

The pups weight, at 15 days, is between 2010gm and 2058gm.  They are weighed daily and if the good gain continues we will not start weaning them too early but let nature do it's work for a few weeks longer, touch wood.

It's lovely watching them starting to play with each other, still wobbly. Every day they walk better. Today almost frantically running, trying to get to the milk bar for a drink. They have 2 teats each and getting more greedy as they grow and start moving around more.

It's a family affair ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜€

Doing well


Puppies are already 5 day's today. Tara is well and looking after them like a pro, she must have her mothers gene's. Her lips are burnt already from top and tailing them. The puppies weight gain is enormous, as is normal in small litters, expect that to normalise and naturally adjust itself over the day's and weeks. For now, mama's bar is always open.

Pups are part of the family for minimum 2 months, we always like to give temporary identification names, Nest names! Later they will have their own Kennel Club pedigree name, which will begin with the letter S this time, but for now they are: Pinks from Sea Pink, Bunny, Daffy and Daisy, which are all simply just sweet Springtime names. Nice and easy.

During daily box cleaning they go in the plastic box, or wherever they can lay safe for a while. A chance to digest, Taartje stays nearby ๐Ÿ‘€

Daisy (top) & Bunny with the blue collar



Hooray, Taartje has given birth to 4 puppies yesterday morning, Saturday the 10th of March. She has 4 cracking little cupcakes of her own now and we are pleased to say, she and the pups are doing really well. There is 1 jet-black Black bitch and 3 Black & Gold bitches all looking very nice at this stage. Not a blond, male or white hair to be seen in the, now big, whelping box. Breeding is always full of surprises.

We were surprised that it was such a small family as her weight and size indicated more pups but we are very happy and grateful. These puppy girls are all quite large and Tara took a little bit of time giving birth the the first one at one and a half pounds, 690grm. We are very proud of her, she did very well all by herself and us for support, what a star ๐Ÿ’–

We have now notified people on the puppy waiting list and personally spoken to some to inform them about the litter.

Looking forward to updating you on the progress of the new S-litter ๐Ÿ˜€

7 and a 1/2 weeks

Wednesday 28th of Feb and a beautiful cold sunny day. Tara 7 1/2 weeks in whelp and enjoying the dry freeze cold but the bitterly cold wind is spoiling the enjoyment a little. This last week she has really began to 'show' and is unmistakably pregnant. 

Still enjoys the walks, going after the rabbits but the mad running and playing has stopped and replaced by mature stroll. 

To Happy with Tara

Update 03-02-2018. Taartje is in whelp ๐Ÿ’—

Happy New Year.

In the meantime, we have been to visit Happy with Tara.

Fingers crossed our adventurous trip to stud dog Happy will come to fruition.

Very soon after I wrote the blogpost, in waiting mode, Tara came into season. Her timing for the adventurous 2018.214 mile round trip could not have been any more exciting! We are all back home safe and sound and eagerly awaiting Tara’s scan the beginning of February.  

Happy is a very kind natured gentle giant ๐Ÿ˜Š Taartje likes him ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜