What's New

A grayish day on the shore of the loch.

We are pleased to present our new Website. Over the last months we have been working on the update of van de Hoevemeester Hovawarts. Just a couple of the pages are still under construction; it’s a work in progress, moving our traditional website to the Google Blogger system and patience is required :-) 

You will find the latest information and What’s New on Home, which will be displayed as a blogger page. All the other information will be in traditional style website like pages- familiar to us :-) 

See page menu in the sidebar. 

The Stud Dogs page has been updated with the youngest added on top. 

All existing litters can be found on the page Kennel-data, while any future breeding plans can be seen on the page Hovawart Puppies.

Some information had been deleted as the website was simply getting too big.

The information which has already been placed is up to date. Please feel free to visit as often as you like to see how the blogger-site is progressing. We hope you enjoy reading the Hovawart information.